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Experience Relaxing Treatment with Our Sedation Options

If fear of dental treatent has been standing in the way of your oral health, you can finally have a place to get the care you need without anxiety or stress!

We know how common it is for people to struggle with dental phobia, which is why we’re completely invested in patient comfort, relying on the latest, cutting-edge technology and techniques and providing sedation options to help you feel calm and relaxed during your visits. 

Talk to us about your fears and concerns, and we’ll be happy to discuss which type of sedation will best suit your needs. You’ll also enjoy our other amenities like pillows and warm blankets, heated massage chairs, and noise-cancelling headphones.

You’ll Receive the Latest Treatment With Our Hi-Tech Dentistry

We’re proud to invest in the latest technology that not only improves your experience as a patient but allows for more precise diagnosis, planning, and treatment outcomes. You’ll find the imaging process to be much more comfortable than in years past, for example, thanks to our digital X-rays and 3-D scanning. Computer-guided dentistry also allows us to plan and perform the most advanced procedures from tooth extractions to bone grafting to dental implants!

We also perform several gum procedures using laser technology that makes treatment less invasive and more comfortable and the recovery process faster and easier. 

You Can Trust in Our Team’s Decades of Experience

In order to feel comfortable about your dental care, you need to be able to trust that the people working with you know what they’re doing. That’s not a problem with us! Dr. Bruce Crawford has been helping patients build healthy smiles for more than 25 years, specializing in advanced periodontics and modern dental implant solutions. 

Dr. Crawford relies on his advanced training and practical experience as a leading periodontist to help patients here in our St. Petersburg office and as an educator to young residents with the University of Florida for many years.

From deep cleanings and exams to innovative laser gum therapy to total tooth replacement, you can feel confident about putting your dental treatment in Dr. Crawford’s capable hands! To discover the best that modern dental care has to offer, call Implant Dentistry & Laser Periodontics at 727-732-3173 for an appointment. You can also schedule online.