Mini Dental Implants

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  • Restore your teeth without a bone graft
  • Choose a dentist with over 25 years of experience
  • Sedation options are available for nervous patients

Secure Your New Smile With Mini Dental Implants in St. Petersburg

When you have lost your teeth, it’s important to regain your fully functional smile again. There are a variety of restoration options, but you need dental implants to have a truly strong bite. However, not every patient is a right for full-sized implants. In some cases, mini dental implants in St. Petersburg are a better option.

With these smaller artificial tooth roots, you will:

  • Avoid the need for bone grafting or other procedures
  • Improve your chewing power, so you can enjoy more foods you love
  • Keep your dentures in place without adhesive
  • Feel confident about the condition of your smile
  • Spend less time in our office and heal quickly

Call 727-732-3173 for a consultation with a periodontist. As a periodontist with advanced implant skills and training, Dr. Crawford can determine the best solution for your smile.

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Strengthen Your Bite With Mini Implants

When you choose Implant Dentistry & Laser Periodontics for your implant procedure, you benefit from Dr. Crawford’s 25-plus years of experience. He works with patients from all walks of life who want his expertise to repair their smile. He never talks down to his patients or rushes through appointments. He takes time to help you understand what’s needed to restore your oral function.

During your implant consultation, he’ll get images of your mouth with digital X-rays and 3-D or 4-D scans. It helps him plan your procedure and ensure your smile is in good condition. You’ll need healthy gum tissue for successful implant placement. So, if he spots a need for periodontal care, he’ll provide treatment to restore your gum health.

You’ll discover that mini implants provide similar benefits to their full-sized counterparts. However, they offer additional perks because of their smaller diameter:

  • Easy Procedure – Placing mini implants is a quick procedure that should take only one appointment. The process is less invasive then receiving full-size implants, so local anesthesia is typically all that’s needed. But you can receive dental sedation, if needed.
  • Fast Healing – Because the placement of these implants is not as complicated, you can expect a quick recovery.
  • Natural Feel and Function – Your new teeth will be secured by these implants. As a result, they’ll function similar to natural teeth.
  • Less Expensive – This is one aspect many patients appreciate. Since the implants are smaller, your procedure typically costs less than other implant treatments.

To learn more about mini dental implants in St. Petersburg or to make an appointment, call 727-732-3173. You can ​​schedule online.

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Commonly Asked Questions About Mini Dental Implants
What are mini dental implants?

Mini dental implants are smaller versions of traditional dental implants that can support an entire arch of teeth. They are typically used in cases where traditional implants cannot be used due to a lack of bone density or other factors. Mini dental implants can last for many years with proper care and maintenance.

Are mini dental implants a good option for me?

Mini dental implants are not a one-size-fits-all solution. They are typically used in cases where traditional implants are not possible. Dr. Crawford will evaluate your oral health and jawbone strength to determine the best treatment for your needs.

What are the benefits of mini dental implants?

The benefits of mini dental implants include a shorter recovery time, less discomfort during the placement procedure, and the ability to support an entire arch of teeth in cases where traditional implants cannot be used. Plus, they are less expensive than traditional implants, making them a more affordable option for some patients.