We Invest in Advanced Technology for Your Benefit

Dr. Crawford uses the latest dental technologies to improve your patient experience. It ensures precise diagnoses and streamlined treatments. We use technology such as:

  • Cone-Beam Technology – This captures 3-D images of your mouth. It’s ideal for planning complex treatments and identifying underlying issues, such as periodontal disease. Plus, we use it for patient education to show you what we see during an exam.
  • Digital X-rays – Unlike traditional X-rays, digital X-rays expose you to less radiation. They also capture images quicker for better diagnoses and clearer treatment plans.
  • Intraoral Cameras – This small camera allows us to identify problems with your gums and teeth well in advance. Dr. Crawford is also able to explain treatment recommendations easier by showing you what he sees with the camera.

Another way we improve your experience is with sedation options. You can choose laughing gas to take the edge off your nerves or oral sedation for a deeper sense of calm.

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