Discover Why Dental Implants Are Such a Blessing!

It’s almost Thanksgiving, which means you’ll soon be gathering with your loved ones and sharing with each other the gratitude you feel for your many blessings.

Mildred, one of our happy patients in St. Petersburg, FL is definitely grateful for the life-changing dentistry that ended her tooth pain and restored her smile! 

We’re sharing her story today so that you can hear about the ways dental implants have blessed her life, starting with her grandchildren and the touching investment they made in Mildred’s future health and happiness.

As she puts it, losing her teeth, losing her smile… it would belike losing a part of herself, and she wanted to get that back.

Dr. Crawfor and our team are so moved by Mildred’s testimonial and honored to have earned her trust enough to let us transform her oral health and function with dental implants. 

If you can relate to any part of her experience, we invite you to come and find out which of our tooth replacement solutions will be right for you. 

Like Mildred, we want you to be blessed this year with the bright, healthy smile you deserve!

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