Strike a Beautiful Balance in Your Smile With Gum Reshaping!

When you smile, your teeth should take center stage. 

But with a gummy smile, your teeth may look smaller or shorter than they actually are, drawing too much attention to your gums and making your smile look out of balance.

If this bothers you enough to feel insecure about smiling freely around others or in photos, the holiday season is probably much more stressful than it should be! You may be too focused on hiding your teeth and gums at special gatherings to feel comfortable enough to relax, be yourself, and have a good time.

Don’t let a gummy smile keep you from enjoying the holidays to the fullest! Visit Dr. Crawford, a skilled periodontist with decades of experience who can painlessly balance out your smile with gum reshaping.

If you already have healthy teeth and gums, this advanced procedure can be completed in just one visit to our St. Petersburg, FL dental office. And thanks to our laser technology, there’s no cutting or stitching, which allows for fast healing that will have you proudly showing off your new and improved smile in no time!

Give yourself the gift of a radiant, balanced smile this holiday season with gum reshaping! Call Implant Dentistry & Laser Periodontics at 727-732-3173 for an appointment. You can also schedule online.  

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